What Life is Like with 6 German Shepherds

by | May 1, 2013

Living with a pack of German Shepherd Dogs is awesome!

Have you ever wondered what it is like?

There is only one way to stay sane when you live with an entire pack of German Shepherds. Routine. Not only does our routine keep us sane, but it is great for our German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. If this isn’t your first stop at our blog, you know that all of our puppies live, eat and sleep inside of our house. We do have a kennel set up, but that’s mostly just used as part of the rotation routine.

Theresa wakes up before me every morning and starts letting the dogs out. Our dogs sort of associate in pairs (with their best friend counterpart) and so they go out in the morning in pairs. Charcoal, our long haired German Shepherd Puppy always goes out first. Then the girls. And finally, the two that are referred to as “the big dogs,” because they are the oldest. That would be our long haired German Shepherd girl Hazel and her friend Blue.

Hazel and Blue are an easy pair. Hazel is by far our most “aggressive” player. She loves playing rough. Blue is our alpha dog. So while Hazel might go after Blue a little rougher than some of the other dogs, she has enough respect for him that when he says stop, she stops. Since she is an older female, she tries to maintain her Alpha Female status around here and doesn’t always get along with Olive, our Large German Shepherd Puppy. They simply don’t interact. Too many hormones. Since Hazel is fixed, we don’t have to worry about her going in to heat and being outside with Blue without constant monitoring.

Watching the younger girls, Olive and our adorable German Shepherd Puppy Emerald is fun. Emerald has no desire to question Olive’s alpha female status, so they just wrestle and play all day long. Our other long haired German Shepherd Puppy Lava has a best friend that is actually a beautiful Husky whose name is Laika.

So. That’s how the morning starts. Pairs. Bathroom. Back to Bed. The colder the morning, the more eager our puppies are to go back to bed. And remember, we are in Alaska, so it is Alaska cold, not midwest cold. They go straight back to bed and love it.

Let me stop and point out something about routine. The dogs know it and so they like it. It is easier for us to run a good pack when they want to do what we want them to do without even having to ask them. They like to go back in to their kennels in the morning simply because it is what they do every day and they like routine.

Josh works at home on running the kennel and so he gets up a little after Theresa. (Since I, Josh, am writing this, I get to use the word a little – it is certainly up for interpretation.) At this point, more routine starts with feeding and grooming.

So you get that part of life with 6 German Shepherds.

The rest of it is just awesome. Imagine. You have 6 animals and they only want to do one thing ALL. DAY. LONG. They want to play with you. They want to be with you. They want to show you they are loyal to you. They want you to spend time with them. That is it.

German Shepherds

It can get tough to work with a 100lb German Shepherd Puppy under your desk!

So there is tons of ball throwing and throwing of sticks and kong-like toys and a variety of other things. There is endless “Chaarrrrrcoal….” Charcoal is my office mate and spends time with me inside while I work on all kennel related matters and write these posts. We even have a routine. He knows the difference in when I get up to get my tea water that has finished heating (he stays put) and when I am getting up to go move other dogs around (he comes with).

And then there is the grooming. It’s fun too, sort of. I say it is fun because they obey us. They know what we are going to do and they do it. There is something rewarding about running a pack. Trust us, try it out and you will see. Here is more info on being the pack leader.

And then there is the poop. Oh my. Amazing amounts. Dog poop should always be picked up wherever it is because it has bacteria in it that is terrible which will make it to the groundwater. Since we are in Alaska, we have a huge benefit that their poop is often totally frozen, so it doesn’t smell at all. However, this means it is also completely frozen in the snow and we have to get it out.

I will spare you the details of how much fun cleaning the yard is after all of the snow melts.

Having 6 German Shepherds is simply the happiest thing we could do. Every now and then someone’s kennel doesn’t get latched properly and at 3am they are on the bed licking our faces. I can’t complain – it’s sweet. Even the potty training, puke cleaning up and other rough chores aren’t that bad when you consider the end result – all of the love that our dogs give to us.

We try hard to be ethical breeders and believe that happy dogs will produce better litters and care for their puppies well in their formative days. That’s why they all live in the house. And the thought of them living in kennels or cages, never getting to play and just being breeding stock is horrifying to us.

Life with 6 German Shepherds is awesome.

As always, feel free to contact us anytime!

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