Our German Shepherd Dogs

If you think your kids are fun, you should meet ours!

Our German Shepherds are a lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun! Every one of our German Shepherds has their own personality and distinct differences. Char Char likes to eat his food laying down. Vanta loves it when Josh picks her up for a hug. Cobalt wishes Emerald wanted to play with him. And Hazel… she finds a distinct joy in barking that is unseen in our other dogs! 

This is part of why we love this so much… the individuality of our German Shepherds. We often tell people that this is why it is so important that they find the right puppy with the right temperament for their household and lifestyle. It won’t matter how pretty the dog is if you hate it. We look at dogs in a much more rounded fashion and see them as the individuals that they are.

We hope you enjoy taking a few minutes and meeting some of our German Shepherds!

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