Where Should My New Puppy Sleep?

by | May 6, 2013

Deciding where to have your new puppy sleep can be tough.

Having your puppy sleep in your bed is just a bad idea.

A few weeks ago, we offered you some ideas on your new puppy’s first night. We got some feedback asking questions about the best place to have your new puppy sleep. People asked about having them sleep in all sorts of places from bathrooms to bedrooms to garages. So, we decided to write for you guys on where to have your new puppy sleep.

Bonding is important, so you probably want to keep your new puppy near you. We understand that. But we want to rule out one place where your puppy absolutely should not sleep: in your bed. First of all, even though you think your new puppy will let you know when he wants to go outside, he probably won’t. And that leads to a bad morning surprise.

Also, let’s briefly revisit that dogs are pack animals. In a wolf pack, the Alphas sleep at the top of the den, with the rest sleeping spread out below them. This is key. They do not get to sleep where the Alpha sleeps. The real reason puppies want to sleep in your bed is because of the way it smells. It has your scent and they like that! And your warmth, too, if you are in their with them. You are also really nice to them and pet them softly. There’s no shortage of positives to sleeping in the bed.

But from a more natural perspective, your puppy doesn’t actually want to “sleep” in your bed. What he wants is the attention he is getting from you while he is still awake and then he wants to go to sleep. Your puppy (and you, most likely) will get better sleep in a crate.

We recommend putting your puppy in a crate by the foot of your bed.

Our German Shepherd Puppies all love their crates. They are their own individual spaces that just belong to them. Living in a pack environment (remember, just you and your dog make up a pack, let alone anyone else in the household), it is great for your dog to have his own space. It is also natural because it is a den-like place for him to sleep.

Sometimes, as we talk about in our other piece about your puppy’s sleeping habits, your puppy is going to get kind of loud. We advise trying the things we suggested over there, but if you have to, take the puppy out of the bedroom. You have got things to do and need your sleep. If you don’t, you’re not going to have tons of energy for all the puppy training you’re going to do the next day!

We don’t think locking a puppy up alone in a bathroom or a garage is a great idea. They just came from sleeping with their mother and litter mates and being all alone is terrifying. Remember, puppies are little babies and though you need to set precedents and they need to be treated firmly, they need to be treated gently and with care. We might be biased about having them sleep in our room because it’s cold up here in Alaska and we need all the extra bodies producing heat that we can get!

So set the crate up in your bedroom and get to enjoying that first night with your new puppy!

At Far North Kennel, we breed German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. We love all dogs, including yours, even if you don’t have a German Shepherd. We invite you to contact us with any dog related questions you might have, be it about dog training, behavior or getting a puppy from us. Every email we get receives a personalized response.


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