When You Go to Name Your Puppy, Consider a Name He’ll Like

by | May 5, 2013

You have some cute names to name your puppy, but have you considered what name your puppy might like?

Of course, your puppy doesn’t really have ideas, but there are some things about a name that can help him learn it earlier.

It’s fun to name your puppy! Unless of course you can’t agree with the other people in your household about what the puppy should be named. You should choose your dog’s name wisely, you’re going to be saying it for a while. So take your time when you go to name your puppy. Try and choose something that is unique to you and your new friend. In Alaska, a lot of people name their dogs after rivers, lakes, small towns or Denali. If you go to the dog park, everyone is calling the same names!

We name our German Shepherd Puppies after colors. It started accidentally. We had Hazel and then Blue’s name because Blue and all of the sudden we realized we were going to start having to go with colors. We like it, it makes naming our new puppies fun and challenging.

Our friend Kelsey, who we love, once asked us, “Josh, what can I do to help Lava learn her name?” The simple answer: keep calling her Lava. Most of you know that puppies learn their names through repetition. But remember, your dog doesn’t speak English. In our post about being a better communicator with your dog we talk about how your dog doesn’t learn words as we think of them, but just learns sounds.

Probably the easiest name we have taught to a puppy is Charcoal. His nickname is “Char Char,” which was very easy for him to pick up. The repetition of the two sounds made it much simpler for him to pick up his name. We try to consider this when we name our puppies and think you should ask yourself the same question.

What are you actually going to call your dog?

If you’re anything like us, you don’t use your dog’s real name all that often. Like Olive, we call her “Ollie” most of the time. When she was a puppy, we often called her with “ollie, ollie, ollie!” which helped her learn when we were referring to her. Hazel’s nickname has always been Haze, which we emphasize the “zzzz” on. It almost sounds like “hays.”

German Shepherd Puppy

Blue’s name was easy for him to learn!

These nicknames aren’t necessarily intentional, but they certainly make it easier for the dog to pick up their name. It is the distinct sounds that you should be thinking of when you go to name your puppy, not the actual name. It is important to come up with a name that you both like, but also has a simple way for your puppy to learn it. There’s nothing more frustrating than having trouble teaching your puppy to come!

Lava is definitely a tougher name and because of this, it probably did take her just a bit longer to learn her name. But she’s a smart girl and it really wasn’t that hard. So think about that when you go to name your puppy. Find a name that you love and has a great nickname for you to get your puppy to learn easily. It will help immensely with your recall training.

Remember, dogs learn sounds, not words. They simply don’t speak English.

At Far North Kennel, we breed German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. We love all dogs and invite you to contact us if you ever have any questions about dog training, behavior or are interested in one of our puppies! We reply personally to every email we receive.

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