Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

by | May 13, 2013

We get many, many questions about our Long Haired German Shepherd puppy named Lava.

People often want to know where her beautiful hair comes from and why she looks so different from traditional German Shepherds.

Lava is stunning. I never get tired of looking at her, petting her or posting photos of her. She has perfect structure and long, beautiful hair. She is by far one of the most beautiful Long Haired German Shepherd puppies I have ever seen. I was excited to get her long before she was even born. Her parents were stunning, beautiful animals and I knew she would be, too. Her beauty is far more than I had even anticipated.

We get many questions about why Lava has long hair and we’ve done our best to help you understand through our post explaining why Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies have such beautiful coats. If you’ve read that post, you know that it is all gene related. They are full on, purebred German Shepherd Dogs. They simply have long hair.

People sometimes ask us if raising a long haired German Shepherd Puppy is any different than raising one with a regular coat. Their temperaments are no different. In many litters that produce long coat puppies, there are standard coat puppies as well. Often times, more standard coat puppies are produced than long haired ones. There is no difference in these dogs except for their long, beautiful coats.

There is a misconception that dogs with long hair shed more. This is probably not true, though it may appear to be true. It is easy to think of this in simple biological terms. Do long haired German Shepherd Puppies have more hair follicles than those with standard coats? Of course not. It is because each hair is longer that it appears that they shed more. There is no difference in how they shed their coats, either.

The only true difference in long haired German Shepherd puppies and those with standard coats is grooming. It is a fact that the long haired puppies require more brushing. Both types of German Shepherd Dog should be brushed with the same frequency, it just takes longer to brush the long haired one. Remember, while they don’t have more hair follicles, they do have more hair. Their fur, because it is long, is more prone to tangles and knots. It is important that you brush your puppy regularly as these can be painful for them.

We love our Long Haired German Shepherd girl Lava and cannot wait to see her puppies. If you’re interested in one of her puppies, you should let us know sooner than later… they’re popular!

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

Not only is she absolutely stunning, Lava also has a wonderful personality!

At Far North Kennel, we breed Long Haired German Shepherd puppies. We absolutely love them and never get tired of looking at them. Our Dog Blog is intended to help you learn how to have a better relationship with your dog and to understand dogs more in general. If you ever have any questions about dog training, behavior, or are interested in getting one of our puppies, feel free to contact us. Every email we get receives a personalized reply. We’d love to answer your questions!

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