Where Did We Learn How To Train Puppies?

by | May 1, 2013

If you read our blog often, you might have wondered how we learned to train puppies.

Part of our knowledge of how to train puppies is just experience – but not all of it

This is for free, kids. I am going to share with you what we think is one of the best things you can do if you want to be better at dog training. Here’s my disclaimer: I am not making any money from suggesting this product. Similarly, no products were given to me in hopes that we would review them.

Because we have German Shepherd Puppies, we have to invest a lot of time and effort in training. We really think that the main key to training is consistency, but from time to time, we find something that we think helps our training philosophy be shaped so much that we have to share it with you, loyal reader.

how to train puppies

How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend from the Monks of New Skete.

Today, I am giving you knowledge of what I believe to be one of God’s gifts to dog and puppy owners, breeders and trainers everywhere. Friends, meet the Monks of New Skete. These guys are incredible. Their DVD The Art of Raising a Puppy was incredibly formative to us as German Shepherd Dog Breeders. I also highly recommend their book How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend.

If you have ever emailed me to ask a dog training or behavior question, I’ve probably mentioned at least one of these two products in the email. I would say that these were the most formative things in shaping how I train, relate to and raise my dogs. That’s why I am recommending them to you!

How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend starts at the beginning of your puppies life and goes through the bonding process that you and your new companion will go through. When they cover dog-training, they give the reader a good look at how and when to train your dog. But what we found most interesting and effective was their methods of praise and discipline. They refer to it as disciplining “with wisdom, compassion and caring.” Many, many dog schools these days are encouraging their students to only use positive affirmation with their dogs and keep them food motivated. Both of these things are important, but discipline is incredibly important.

With our Large German Shepherd Puppies from Alaska, we know that it is incredibly important that we have a strict order and that they obey us. While they are our pets and our incredibly loving, these are large animals that we are talking about. We think it is important that all dog owners remember that – your dog, while you love it, is an animal and therefore will exhibit animal behaviors. Check out our post about teaching your dog’s rank to him and being the pack leader. It will help you out immensely in this area.

Dog schools can be important, but nothing (and we mean nothing!) is more important than your commitment to training your dog. Before we say this, you might want to gather the whole family….. Your puppy will never be well behaved unless you all communicate consistently with it. If you take your dog to dog school, but you are not all consistent with his training at home, you are simply blowing your money.

Here’s the good news. Our German Shepherd Puppies want to be trained by you. They come to your house hoping and looking for you to be the Alpha. That’s why we recommend these training tools to you. We want you to be prepared and ready to have a great relationship with your dog.


How to train puppies

Blue is CERTAINLY one of Josh’s best friends!

The Monks taught us how to train puppies. Head to their website, buy a book or dvd and you too will know exactly how to train puppies.

At Far North Kennel, we have long-haired German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Our dogs are part of our family and all of them eat, sleep and live in our house with us. We love each of them individually and strive hard to find families for our puppies that will love them as much as we do. If you are ever interested in one of our puppies, have a question about dog training, or just want to say hi, never hesitate to contact us.


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