How to Name Your Dog and Make It Sound Like Royalty

by | May 3, 2013

Wondering what to name your dog? Want to give it a proper name?

Name your dog whatever you want… just give it a few simple additions.

Naming puppies is super exciting, unless you and your family can’t agree. That’s not so much fun, I suppose. But for us, we love naming our puppies! We want you to have as much fun when you name your dog as we do!

The most important thing to do when you are getting ready to name your dog is to pick a name you like. Even if it sounds silly, pick a dog name you like. When we were getting ready to buy our Large German Shepherd Puppy Blue, we had no idea what to name him. His breeder identified the puppies in pictures by putting a different rubber ducky in each picture. The rubber ducky would be a different color or have a different feature (think rubber ducky with a cowboy hat!) that would make it easy for you to tell her what you were referring to.

I called Emily, the breeder, asking about an all black puppy with a duck that she referred to as Swim Mask. As I referenced in our blog post Dogs Are All Love – When You Get The Right One, Emily asked lots of questions about our lifestyle and told us that they puppy with the Blue Duck would be a better fit. We picked Emily after looking for a breeder we trusted for a while, so we listened to her. That’s a pro tip there, kids.

If you trust a breeder enough to buy a puppy from them, trust them to tell you which puppy will be best for your lifestyle.

Back to the story… so we got the puppy from the picture with the blue rubber ducky. Only God knows why, but we named him Blue Duck. It just stuck. I suppose we couldn’t decide what we wanted to name him, but had to call him something and that was sort of the name he came with. And then in memory of the puppy that we first called about, or perhaps because we like words with good cadence, swim mask got tacked on.

So, his name became Blue Duck Swim Mask.

But here’s where we get to the important part. He is a high-quality, registered German Shepherd from a great kennel. So, it is traditional and respectful, that we include their name at the beginning of his name. Therefore, before his name we put “Rosehall,” as that is the name of the kennel.

And because he is part of our kennel and we want his offspring to be identified by that, we add “of Far North” to the end of it. So, that makes his full name…

“Rosehall’s Blue Duck Swim Mask of Far North”

It may not sound like royalty, but that is his name. When you buy a high quality German Shepherd Puppy from any breeder, whether it is us or someone else, this is how you should name your puppy. It is a symbol of your dog being a high quality dog and also links it back to high quality breeders.

Moral is – name your dog whatever you want, but think about adding to it. For instance, we knew when we got Lava that we wanted that to be her name (props to our friend Kelsey!), but it needed dressing up a little. Lava’s mother’s name was Stormy. Another way to name puppies is to include the mother’s name.

So in doing that, Lava’s name would have been Stormy’s Lava. But we wanted more. So it became “Stormy’s Molten Lava.” Her breeder deals more with imports, so request that we added the common “vom” term to the end of her name, so her full name became Stormy’s Molten Lava com Peet of Far North.

If you like the puppy’s mothers name, or thought she was especially beautiful, it’s a good idea to include her name in the dog’s name. Blue’s mothers name was Candace, or Candi, but we left that out. I don’t actually remember why we decided to do that, but we did for whatever reason.

So think about how you name your dog. Find a term or thing you like and start running with it. But watch out! We knew we wanted to call a puppy Coal, so we named Char Char “Charcoal.” However, Coal was simply not a fitting nickname for him and he became “Charcoal.” He is a wondrous long haired German Shepherd Puppy that we absolutely love.

One day we’ll explain how we started naming our dog’s colors. We had Hazel and then got Blue, but it wasn’t until later that we realized we were naming them all after colors.

The last thing that we’ll mention is try and find a nickname for your puppy that is easy to say and has a good sound that is easy for the puppy to hear. Emerald is a bit long and so we just called her “Em” or “Emmy” when she was a puppy. Those sounds are easier for her to make out. We will touch on this topic in greater depth later.

At Far North Kennel, we breed German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. Our Dog Blog is here to help provide training and behavior tips in hopes of helping you and your dog have a great relationship. We invite you to contact us anytime with dog related questions you might have, even if you don’t own a German Shepherd or plan on buying a puppy from us. We literally love dogs and enjoy spreading that joy with you!

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