Hi, I'm Lava

Furry is an understatement!

All About Lava

Lava is an absolute delight of a dog. As far as Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies go, she was one of the cutest ones we ever had. She pays attention to everything. Like Chuck Norris, Lava doesn’t sleep, she waits. If there was a dog that thought itself always prepared for anything that could occur, meet Lava.

She is from beautiful West Virginia and lots of time and thought has been devoted to creating the line that she brings to Far North.

Lava is a gentle soul and her puppies are quite similar. She has a fantastic chase drive, but it is more play drive and prey drive. Her puppies tend to take after her in this regard, very sweet and playful.

As German Shepherd Puppies go, Lava has a medium drive. She is quite fast and her offspring have been seen to enjoy their training, especially when it involves games.. We can say for certain that her puppies are great family protectors, as they are large, gentle dogs. They are quite committed to their owners and make wonderful companions.

Lava’s puppies will stop people in their tracks.

Lava’s offspring are adorable as far as German Shepherd puppies go, but their dark features and big barks make people stop in their tracks. They are sweethearts in shark costumes.

If you don’t like talking to people and plan on walking your German Shepherd Puppy in public, you might want to consider a different litter. Lava’s puppies are absolutely stunning and people are going to want to talk to you about them all of the time. We love hearing their owner’s stories.

If you do like compliments and are ready to introduce your puppy to lots of new people, a puppy from this litter will be just right for you.

Long Haired German Shepherds?

We love our long-haired German Shepherds. One of the DNA tests that we run on our parent dogs is to find out if they have the alleles to produce long coats. We absolutely love them and both mom and dad have to have at least one allele going in to produce long haired German Shepherd puppies. Each dog has two alleles.

Also, please be sure to check out our blog post on 10 Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Puppy before you decide to get a dog.

It is very important to us that our dogs go to home that will be healthy for them forever.


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