Hi, I'm Hazel

And I’m the queen of the kingdom!

All About Hazel

In the Bible somewhere, God says that he is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. This is how Hazel feels about life at our kennel. Hazel believes that she is everything and without her there is nothing. She is the kennel mother, the queen of the show. She’ll never let anyone or anything come between her and her alpha female status.

Whenever we have new puppies here, though, Hazel is the most gentle and guides them towards understanding how life works. She nudges them along with her nose and it’s beautiful to watch. When she was a puppy, Hazel was adorable. She looked like an ewok.

Unfortunately, Hazel doesn’t breed. Though we would love for Hazel to have German Shepherd Puppies, it does not make her less meaningful to us that she cannot. We are not a kennel that simply gets rid of their dogs. Even though Hazel can’t breed, she is still a big part of our family and will stay with us for her entire life.

Hazel is the ‘Mother Hen’

Part of getting a new German Shepherd puppy for us is the puppy learning how to live here at the Kennel. Hazel’s zeal for life and playful spirit are great when it comes to this. She is a friend to our new puppies and helps them learn the ways of our world. She’s also Blue’s wife :).

Hazel is Josh’s first love when it comes to the pack and is highly obedient. Even though she’s one of the most beautiful German Shepherds we’ve ever seen, she’s not in the AKC registry. Without knowing every bit of her line and history, breeding her is out of the question. It is convenient, in the sense that her and Blue are inseparable and we never have to worry about her going into heat!

Think Temperament!

Looks are important… the stunning beauty of the German Shepherd Dog is one of our favorite parts about them. We all have preferences in our “favorite” coat colors and sizes we prefer and markings that appeal to us.

They key to your happiness is in the temperament of your new German Shepherd puppy. Your puppy can turn into a gorgeous beast, but if you don’t like him, it’s going to be a bad time for all involved. The need to get a puppy with the right temperament cannot be overstated.

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