The Girls

Our girls really are the core of our kennel.

The Girls…

They require a bit more care than the males and can get cranky with each other when their hormones kick up. As German Shepherd Breeders, we need these girls to make distinctly beautiful, large, healthy German Shepherd Puppies. Nature is really our ruler.

Mostly, they love to chase and play with each other and vie for our our Large German Shepherd Dog Blue and his Long Haired German Shepherd friend Charcoal’s attention. We enjoy (almost)every minute of having these girls and love them. Each of them produces beautiful German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. One of the hardest things about having German Shepherd Females is maintaining pack order.

You might have heard that if you have one female dog and are thinking of getting another, you should get a male. Whoever told you that was probably right. Females are, in our experience and research, more territorial and more likely to spar. When you throw the hormones of females that go in to heat in that mix – watch out! We work hard at controlling our pack and they will never act out in front of the head of the pack.

Our Mission

It is our hope to breed a line of German Shepherd Dogs that is healthy and with a good temperament that is suitable for family life, yet protective.

We do not train or breed our dogs for Schutzhund, but do train them for things like therapy, Search and Rescue and agility. Our dogs puppies now live all over the world.

More Information

If you have any questions at all about dog care or training, a good resource is our blog. It provides answers to many commonly asked questions.

We know that raising and caring for a dog is hard work, so we try to provide you with as much information as we can to make caring for your dog as easy as possible.


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