Hi, I'm Cobalt

Every day is the best day of my life.

All About Cobalt

When we found out that we were not going to be able to breed our boy Charcoal, we took some quite some time looking for a replacement and Cobalt is the perfect one. We have known of his mother for a long time and always wished we had one of her puppies in our breeding program.

Cobalt is stunning, both in looks and personality. His weight is right around 115lbs and he is lean. A dream of a personality, he is known around the kennel as “pooh bear.” He is an all around happy guy and gets along with everyone.

Every day is the best day of Cobalt’s life. Every time you throw the ball for him it is the best throw you’ve ever done. Every meal is the best meal he’s ever had and he is more excited to see you today than he has ever been before. He is seriously just one happy guy.

When it comes to Large German Shepherd Puppies, Cobalt was the definition. He was and is large, adorable, intelligent and a total blast to have around.

Cobe is also energetic and eager to please.

Cobalt has been a great reminder for us of what we should remind those who purchase large German Shepherd puppy of.

You get what you put in. You cannot get a German Shepherd puppy and not properly train it. German Shepherds are large dogs with a lot of power. Cobalt is a great example. He is huge, energetic and completely reliable and well-mannered. But work was put in to achieve this.

Often times, the more annoying the puppy, the easier it will be to train. You need energy to direct. If the dog has low drive and doesn’t really want the ball or the treat, it can be more difficult to train them.

It’s important to remember

When you’re looking for a German Shepherd puppy, it should be a little stressful. Our website is rife with warnings of “be prepared” and “you have to train these dogs.” But it’s fun! Remember that. Thinking deeply about it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun.

We have told countless people about other breeders we work with. Sometimes, for a particular family, I may not have a litter coming up in the foreseeable future that I think will be a good fit for them. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a German Shepherd puppy! We just want to help you create a relationship where both you and the dog will thrive.

This is and will always be the most important part of what we do at Far North Kennel: that both you and your new German Shepherd puppy (whether it’s even from our kennel or not) thrive in your relationship.

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