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by | Apr 24, 2013

This will be on of the most important blog posts that I will write. It is incredibly important that you keep up on dog nail trimming with your pets.

First, let’s cover the reasons why dog nail trimming is important

Why is dog nail trimming so important? There are lots of reasons. But one that we think is important with our German Shepherd Puppies is that dog nails that have grown too long can break below the quick which is incredibly painful for the dog. Have you ever been trimming your dog’s nails and cut in to the quick? If you did, you knew because the dog let out a sharp yelp and there was no shortage of blood.

German Shepherd Puppy

Blue didn’t love his nails being trimmed, but since we started when he was a puppy, he does great with it now!

However, that is not the only reason why trimming is important. Keeping those nails trimmed contributes to the dog’s health through the course of his life. Did you know that a dog, unlike most other animals, walks on their toes instead of on the soles of their feet? They do. And at the end of those toes are nails. When the nails become too long, it effects the way they walk – their stance, if you will. It becomes painful for the dog to walk on overgrown nails, so they adjust. Over the dog’s life, this can be a serious contributor to arthritis in your dog. If you are like us and have Large German Shepherd Puppies, then you are concerned about the healthy development of their bones and joints.

Yes, your local big-box pet store probably does trim dog nails. However, they are a drive thru nail trimming spot. The people doing it often lack training. Having nails trimmed is already stressful for the dog, having it done in an environment they don’t know can be even worse. It is simply perpetuating a stress and making it worse. This is why we think you should trim your dog’s nails.

I imagine that many of you probably dread or have no interest in trimming your dog’s nails because the nails are black or you made them bleed one time. None of us ever want to hurt our dog, so when we make them bleed, those lasting feelings can deter us from ever trying again. We acknowledge that trimming your dog’s nails with nail clippers is tough. But here is something that will make it easier.

Second, here is how to make dog nail trimming easy!

dog nail trimming dremel

We use this type of Dremel to trim our dogs nails!

You see, we don’t cut our dog’s nails. We grind them with a Dremel. And all of our German Shepherd Puppies lay there and let us do it. Sure it is a strange noise and probably feels a little bit weird on their toes – but they have grown accustomed to it. Some of you might say that your dog wouldn’t let you use a grinder on their toes – this is false – you simply stopped trying. At our kennel, our German Shepherd Puppies don’t ever get to decide what we do and don’t do. We make the decisions around here.

This does not mean that we just throw them on their backs and trim their nails. We try to make it a calming experience. But it is true that we will do it and we will do it the first time. This is crucial with anything you are trying to teach/do to your dog as soon as you start it, do what you set out to accomplish. This bars extreme circumstances such as bleeding of course. Part of the reason our Large German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska let us grind their nails is because they realized the first time that trying to avoid it was futile.

Believe it or not – your dog actually wants you to be in charge and make the decisions

You can head to your local pet store and find a grinder like the one we use. You might want to wear a dust mask as ground nail will be going everywhere. Some glasses or eye protection is not a bad idea either. If you think you might have to hold the dog down, plan to do it at a time when there is someone there to help you. And remember, none of our advice is better than that of your veterinarian who knows you and your dog. If for any reason you have serious concerns about trimming your dog’s nails yourself, talk to your vet directly.

At Far North Kennel, we breed large German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. We love dogs and invite you to contact us if you ever have questions about your dog or our kennel. We raise beautiful, healthy Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies that you will love. If you are interested in getting a puppy from us, click here to start talking to us now. Our waiting lists tend to be quite long.

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