5 Steps to Start Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

by | Apr 7, 2013

We have good news!

If you buy a puppy from us, you’ll have no trouble brushing your dog’s teeth. That is, if you continue the hard work we put in. From shortly after your puppy is born, we do what we believe any good German Shepherd Dog Breeder should do – we get your dog accustomed to handling, which includes messing around in their mouths.

Our vet Dr. Jen Tuomi, (who you can check out here), has been ingraining the importance of brushing dog’s teeth in us since before we had any of our puppies. We listen to everything Dr. Jen says, so if you ever have any questions – head over to see her!

The pitfalls of not brushing your dog’s teeth are incredible. Root canals. Cavities. Did you know that to clean your dog’s teeth, your vet has to make them sleep?

We promise you – it’s easier than you think. If you’ve been slacking a little and need to get your dog accustomed to it.

Here are 5 Steps to Start Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth:

1. Get your dog accustomed to having your hands in their mouth. Get some peanut butter on your fingers and rub around on those teeth. Your dog might seem to really not enjoy this at first, but after doing this a few times, your dog will probably look forward to it!

2. Go to your pet store, or vet, and get a tooth brush and toothpaste set up for your dog. We are firm believers in never buying the cheapest of anything nor buying the least expensive. At our local Petsmart, the manager Cory is a wealth of information. Even though your pet store might have high school aged cashiers, don’t forget there is a well-educated, knowledgeable manager there that can help you. Ask them for their advice, find out what products customers say they like. Ask for any tips they have. These managers are a highly, highly unused resource.

3. After you get home, put the peanut butter you’ve been using on to the tooth brush. Simply do the same thing. Rub around on those teeth. If you have an especially skittish dog, you can sort of conceal the handle of the tooth brush in your palm and run it up your finger. Remember, be gentle! This is new and kind of scary for your pup.

4. Start using the toothpaste. Hopefully you got a toothpaste that tastes good. If you didn’t, you’re going to have a harder time in the long run. Your dogs tongue keeps the inside of their teeth clean, so all you need to do is brush the outside. Do a good job, get those teeth clean!

5. Now make this a part of your life. We’ll talk about other dog hygiene issues of importance in the future, but remember, not only is oral surgery for your dog expensive, the lead up to it will be painful for your dog. The pain could get pretty great before you even realize there is something wrong. And none of us like dealing with our dog after surgery.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot us an email – [email protected]

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