10 things you should consider before getting a puppy

by | Apr 3, 2013

We love puppies – obviously. We are around them all the time.

We work hard to make sure that any puppy that leaves this kennel goes to an ideal home. We can only do so much research, though. We need you to think about it and determine whether it is right for you or not.

10 things you should consider before getting a puppy:

1. Puppies become dogs. They’re cute and small now, but that cute small fur ball is going to be a full grown dog. If you’re thinking of buying from us, we can guarantee it is going to be a large German Shepherd Dog. These dogs require energy and attention and energy and love and energy. Did we mention they require your energy?

2. You’re going to need to be home. Dogs are social creatures, they are not made to be alone. We breed well-socialized German Shepherd Puppies that are going to crave your attention and repay you for that attention in wonderful ways. If you’re gone a lot, you’ll probably need to hire a dog-walker.

3. Find the right dog. While we believe that the German Shepherd Dog is God’s gift to dog lovers, you need to find the right dog for you. If you live in a tiny apartment, a large dog might not be the right answer. Find the right dog, not just the dog you want.

4. Think about what breeds do well in the climate you live in. German Shepherd Dogs are highly adaptable, but an Alaska Husky might not to do so well in Florida.

5. Puppies especially require a significant amount of work. House-breaking takes a lot of effort. They need to learn not to chew. If you don’t have the time to devote to this, talk to us, we are happy to train your puppy for you before it comes to your home. That’s right, you can buy a trained German Shepherd Dog right from us!

6. Hair. Hair everywhere. We can clean up hair all day and there’s still hair! Think about the house-cleaning having a dog will do. Simple brushing will prevent hair from being everywhere, it’s literally all you have to do. However, a lot of people neglect this and end up needing a shop-vac for all of the hair. Just think about it.

7. Who lives with you? If you live alone, ignore this. But if you have a family or roommates, take them in to account. If they don’t want a dog, don’t get a dog. People have lots of reasons they don’t like dogs. Maybe they were bit as a child. Maybe they are allergic. Respect their feelings. Talk to them about why you want a dog.

8. Dogs eat. Especially our dogs. And they need good food to stay healthy. If you can’t afford good food, get ready to pay for some big vet bills. Are you financially stable enough for a dog? This is important. The question is not whether or not you can afford to buy the dog, but can you afford to support the dog? We can help put this in to a picture for you.

9. Dog’s live for on average 12-15 years. Can you support a dog that long? Dogs bond heavily with their owners and it is sad to see them part ways. You should plan to own and care for your dog for it’s entire life.

10. Are you ready for the best decision you can make? Adopting one of our German Shepherd Puppies is a joy. Our dogs are healthy, happy and ready to be a part of your family. Consider these points and when you’re ready for a puppy – get in touch with us.

We’re always available for questions – email [email protected]


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