Distinctly Beautiful
German Shepherd Puppies

We breed large, healthy, calm temperamented German Shepherd Dogs that you will love.
Our German Shepherd puppies go to homes across the US and Canada.

We're excited you're here

We love two things: dogs and people. We believe that the enrichment a dog can bring to a person’s life is unparalleled. Our process involves learning about each family and pairing them with a puppy from one of our litters that will thrive as a part of their household. 

Our lives are cooler than we ever imagined and it’s a unique pack of German Shepherd Dogs that make it that way. 

We live in dog heaven

If you’ve never barked at a moose, our dogs would argue that you’re missing out on the true joys in life. It’s super fun. Far North Kennel is a land of German Shepherd puppies running around, trips out on the boat, going up and down mountains, it’s never too hot outside… a true doggy paradise.

Seriously, it’s amazing. Not going to lie, though: we clean up a LOT of dog poop.


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