"Distinctly Beautiful German Shepherd Puppies"

We breed large, healthy, calm temperamented German Shepherd Dogs that you will love.

Our German Shepherd puppies go to homes across the US and Canada.

The Boys

While our girls are the heart and soul of our breeding program, our German Shepherd boys are the muscle behind it. These boys are awesome dogs with great temperaments that are ready to pass on their lines. We OFA certify all of our dogs before we breed them and do DM testing as well. These boys were absolutely adorable German Shepherd puppies and will produce stunning pups of their own. They love romping around in the mountains around Alaska and heading out on the boat with Josh to go fishing! Take a minute to meet our long haired German Shepherd puppy Char Char and his large, standard coat friend Blue!

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The Girls

Our beautiful girls are the heart and soul of our German Shepherd Puppy Breeding program. These girls love living in Alaska and exploring the wilderness, playing in the snow and just being generally awesome German Shepherd Dogs. Each of our girls has a distinct look and they all have differing personalities, giving us the opportunity to produce a broad range of pups that can work in many different fields and just be all around amazing general companions! Our girls are big German Shepherds and would love for you to check out their pages!

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German Shepherd Puppies

There’s very few things in the world as an adorable German Shepherd Puppy. Here at Far North Kennel, we breed distinctly beautiful, healthy German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. If you’re looking for a new pup, we’re glad you found us! We breed these dogs because of the pure joy that our dogs have brought to our lives. We want to share this with you! We breed both long haired German Shepherd Puppies and standard coat as well. Our pups grow up to be large, healthy dogs that will be amazing companions and hard workers for their entire lives. We welcome you to contact us if you are interested in getting one of our dogs!

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Dog Blog

Our Dog Blog is a great place to get information on dog training, behavior and grooming. We regularly post new articles with the hope of helping you have the best relationship with your dog possible. We know that raising a dog isn’t always easy and we provide ways to make training and bonding with your dog as easy as possible. We provide information about both long haired German Shepherd Puppies, our standard coat German Shepherd Puppies and the information we give is useful for owners of all breeds. If you every have an idea for an article or don’t find the information you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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About Us

We want to meet you! Our names are Josh and Theresa and we love German Shepherd Dogs! Our dogs are our children and members of our pack, not our breeding stock. We absolutely love living in Alaska (yes, it is cold) and playing with our German Shepherd Puppies. We are here to answer any questions you might have – even if you’re just pondering a dog or have a training question. We absolutely love bringing people joy through breeding healthy puppies that are amazing companions.

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Contact Us

We’re all here waiting to talk to you! We love our German Shepherd puppies and thoroughly enjoy training them. We welcome you to contact us if you have any questions about dog training, behavior or are interested in getting a puppy from us. We welcome you to contact us if you have a training question even if you don’t have a puppy from us or if it is a breed other than a German Shepherd. We love all dogs and want you to have a great relationship with your dog. Feel free to contact us anytime! Every email we get receives a personalized response.

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